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Beams and columns

Beams and columns with Elematic

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Precast beams and columns made with Elematic machinery offers an extremely wide range of technical possibilities. Beams have a rectangular cross-section and are used mostly horizontally for the structure of multi-storey buildings, and also for bridges. Columns have a rectangular or round cross-section and are used mostly vertically for structures and supports of multi-storey buildings, parking houses etc. With Elematic beams and columns can be either prestressed or reinforced.



Beams and columns are supporting concrete units in building structures and bridges, placed either horizontally or vertically.

Precast Dictionary

English: Beam

По-русски: балка

Deutsch: Träger, -, (m)

Espanol: Viga

Italiano: trave

Francais: poutre

Finnish: palkki

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